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Robot known for outperforming bitcoin and crypto markets Ethereum and five additional altcoins as markets pop

A data-crunching robot with a reputation for outperforming the markets just released its latest weekly cryptoportfolio-Allocations presented.
The Real Vision Bot interprets surveys of cryptocurrency-related metrics to create new algorithmic portfolio scores every week.

The automated bot with a reputation Bitcoin (BTC) to outperform, votes altcoins over king crypto in its latest poll.

According to the Real Vision bot, traders say they would heavily favor five coins in their portfolios this week.

“RealVision Exchange crypto survey latest results. Is this risky or risky, I’m confused. What is happening there with QNT and Binance Coin?

Voted for overweight

  • Ethereum 58%
  • QNT 33%
  • USD 26%
  • Binance 22%
  • bitcoin 20%”
  • Source: RealVisionBot/Twitter
    Additional coins selected by the algorithm include the interoperable ones Blockchain-Platform Quant (QNT), the Circle-backed stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), the BNB of crypto exchange Binance, which focused on green payments Algorand (ALGO) and the blockchain ecosystem Cosmos (ATOM).

    Although altcoins are popular in this week’s poll, the biggest gets cryptocurrency after market capitalizationBitcoin, still a 20% weight distribution.

    The Real Vision Bot was jointly developed by quantitative analyst and hedge fund CEO Moritz Seibert and statistician Moritz Heiden.

    Real Vision founder and macroeconomics expert Raoul Pal has called the bot’s historical performance “amazing,” stating that it outperforms an aggregate group of top 20 crypto assets in the market by more than 20%.

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