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Russia’s crypto ETF, BTC under $ 50,000

                                                            Es sind nur noch wenige Stunden bis 2021 und was für ein wilder Ritt es war!  Es war sicherlich das explosivste Jahr auf dem Cryptowährungsmarkt, sowohl in Bezug auf die Akzeptanz als auch auf die Preisentwicklung.  Dies ist unser letzter Wochenrückblick und leider sehen die Dinge nicht optimal aus.

Starting with BTC ended the last seven days with a 5.4% decline and the Cryptocurrency fell back below $ 50,000. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is priced at $ 48,000, up 1% over the past 24 hours.

It looked good for BTC, but it was Monday when everything turned for the worst. The cryptocurrency was declined at $ 52,000 and fell towards $ 50,000. That level was also lost the following day, with the price finding a potential local low of over $ 46,000.

The altcoins market doesn’t look any better. Ethereum is trading at a loss of 8.8% while the BNB is down 5.1%. Sol is down 8%, ADA – 9.5%, Luna – 5%, DOT – 4.7%, but XRP has lost the most in the last seven days – 15.5%.

Interestingly, there were no negative catalysts. On the contrary – positive news came from Russia – a country that has historically been critical of the emerging industry. Sberbank – Russia’s largest bank – has launched an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks well-known companies in the industry such as Coinbase and Galaxy Digital. This seems like a big step considering previous hostility.

In any case, we’re starting a whole new chapter and opening a new slate. Coming in 2022 Bear market or will it be even better than 2021? Only time can tell.

With all of the above, the entire team at Crypto potato wishes a happy new year!

Market data

Market capitalization: $ 2,359 billion | 24H Vol: 88B | BTC dominance: 40.3%

Bitcoin: $ 47,615 (-6.4 %%) | ETH: $ 3,758 (-8.8%) | ADA: $ 1.34 (-9.5%)

Top 5 crypto trends in 2021. Another year is behind us and this time we take the opportunity to explore the hottest trends of 2021. These do not have a special ranking, as they have all excelled in certain areas.

MicroStrategy buys another $ 94 million worth of BTC at $ 49,000. MicroStrategy is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down when it comes to buying more BTC. The company just announced another whopping purchase of roughly $ 94 million worth of Bitcoin at an average price of about $ 49,200.

FTX’s SBF outlines key steps to advance the crypto industry into 2022. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried posted an in-depth Twitter thread to outline key steps to take the entire cryptocurrency industry forward by 2022. Regulations were, of course, one of the most important topics of conversation.

Sberbank launches the first Blockchain-focused ETF in Russia. Leading Russian bank Sberbank has launched an exchange-traded blockchain fund that tracks the leading companies in the industry. These include Coinbase and Galaxy Digital. This is a first for the country.

Polygon Avoids a bullet: Fixes a bug that endangers MATIC worth 24 billion US dollars. Polygon, one of the leading Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum, recently upgraded after discovering a vulnerability that put almost all of MATIC’s offering at risk. The patch came after two Whitehat hackers notified their bug bounty platform of the problem.

While BAYC is up 35% in 90 days, other popular ones have NFT-Collections lost in value. NFTs are a wild ride. While some of the projects, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, significantly increased their minimum prices in the last three months, others remained in the sand with considerable losses.


This week we have a chart analysis of Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Solana and Luna – click here for full pricing analysis.


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