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Second Parachain auction winner Moonbeam goes live on Polkadot

                                                            Polkadots Parachain-Smart-Contract-Plattform mit Ethereum Kompatibilität, Moonbeam, hat kürzlich seinen Pre-Launch-Prozess abgeschlossen und ist jetzt live im Polkadot-Netzwerk.

Moonbeam starts on Polkadot

In announcing the launch on Tuesday, the project team noted that Moonbeam was the first fully functional parachain on the PolkadotBlockchain is. Upon release, the protocol will pave the way for the deployment of over 80 projects in its ecosystem.

In early October, Moonbeam won the second Polkadot Parachain auction after raising over 35 million DOT worth more than $1.4 billion from its backers from around the world.

Now that Moonbeam is live on Polkadot, it intends to bring several new integrations, activities, and users to strengthen the Polkadot ecosystem and help grow the network.

According to the announcement, Moonbeam removed the sudo superuser key during its final startup phase. As a result, control of the network is now transferred to the token holders.

balance transfers

In addition, Moonbeam has also enabled balance transfers and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on its platform. Credit transfer allows users to wager and claim rewards from the crowd loan.

After this development, the chain will be monitored by the token holders using Moonbeam’s system of governance. The active collector set has also been increased to 48.

Once launched, GLMR token holders will be able to stake with collectors, claim crowdloan rewards, and act as active network members by participating in the on-chain governance system.

Approximately 30% of the crowdloan rewards, which totaled approximately 45 million GLMR, were distributed based on their contribution percentage immediately after the project fully launched on Polkadot, according to the announcement.

The remaining 70% of the rewards, approximately 105 million GLMR, will roll over on a straight-line basis over the 96-week parachain lease period that began December 17, 2021.

There are currently about three weeks of vested benefits that contributors can claim.

Moonbeam noted that it intends to implement several infrastructure projects in the weeks following launch, including bridges, multi-signature support, The Graph, chainlink Oracle and more.


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