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SHIB drops 15% in two days if the market collapses

                                                            <strong>Schlüsselunterstützungsstufe: 0,000030 $ </strong>

Key Resistance Level:: $ 0.000038

SHIB was dated resistance declined from $ 0.000038 and dragged down after the market downturn that began Tuesday. Current support is at $ 0.000030 and could be retested if the overall market continues bearish.
Chart according to TradingView

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Technical indicators

Trading Volume: The volume was in spite of the current correction small amount. This gives hope that once the buyers return, SHIB will be able to quickly reverse course.

RSI: The RSI of the day has stopped falling at the time of this post and if price does the same it could be interpreted as a higher low which is bullish.

MACD: The daily MACD remains bullish. At this point, if SHIB is able to reverse course, there is a good chance it will move up and break the current resistance level.
SHIB drops 15% in two days if the market collapses, Crypto Trading NewsChart according to TradingView


The tendency towards SHIB is neutral. the Cryptocurrency seems to be stuck in a flat trend at the time of this post.

Short term forecast for SHIB price

If SHIB manages to break current resistance at $ 0.0000038, the bias may change into a bull market. Until then, if the price moves sideways, it will remain in a range between support and resistance.


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