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Sketchar launches pre-sale drop on new NFT marketplace

                                                            [PR – Vilnus, Lithuania, 20th December 2021, Chainwire]

Sketchar takes another step towards the decentralized creator economy and begins building a Web3 monetization infrastructure to support creators in a whole new way.

Why Web3? It’s based largely on new levels of technological innovation and we love it.

With the create-to-earn model, our creators have more autonomy and freedom to monetize their creativity as they see fit. In a model where people are paid to create content, developers can invest and earn their knowledge, skills, creativity, and time. An internet upgrade is good for the growth of society NFTs has the ability for artists: now anyone can build and participate without using gatekeepers like traditional financial institutions.

Our first step is the collection called Martians888 which was created by the Sketchar community.

Martians are pixel art characters created by various artists using the Sketchar app. 1673 unique Martians were created in the first three weeks of the competition. We have already started to announce the first winners and pay out the first prize money.

Each Martian writer receives $ 40 USDT for each selected work.

The total prize pool is $ 35,000 for the winners.

But that’s not all – the author receives an additional 50% from future sales on the Sketchar marketplace.

The pre-sale drop of this collection will be published on December 20, 2021 on the Sketchar Marketplace.

The new world of NFTs is here and only limited by your creativity! 5% of the initial and 1% of the secondary sales go to the Creator Fund to support the community of Creators.

Sketchars DAO and its own token release will unleash the full potential of everything we’ve made for developers since 2016.

Sketchar has always been a place where creativity blooms in myriad forms. Today it enables digital artists to make their voices heard and benefit from it, and collectors to acquire remarkable art to support their authors.

Our fundamental goal is to allow artists to maximize their focus on creating by taking care of the rest and providing: advanced tools, interactive skills building techniques, and a place to promote the results of their artistic experience and sell. There are still many important tasks and challenges ahead of us in order to become the greatest digital art space, but we are determined to look into it. The most important engine of our development is the support of our users.

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