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Solana is showing good signs in its performance: will it finally pump up?

Solana (SOL) was one of the many cryptocurrenciesthat really existed affected by the crisis on the market last year. A decline in market capitalization by over $1 billion just before the end of 2022 was indeed a major pain for all of its investors.

However, it seems that the bad days are over. Data from the digital Delphi shows the number of transactions Solana network was higher than any other Blockchain. Will SOL finally pump up?

Looking at its performance over the past year, Solana has managed to improve its performance and outperform other cryptocurrencies. Because of this Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) also received a large number of transactions. Thanks to increased activity on Solana’s DeFi-Logs.

But that’s not all, there has also been a surge in daily active users of Solana’s DeFi protocols despite the FUD surrounding Solana and its ecosystem. A good trend has also been noted in Solana’s DeFi space, including its NFT-Market. However, Most of Solana’s large NFT collections are migrated to other blockchains soon, but it’s still a good sign as it’s attracting more attention from the community.

Unfortunately, while there is increased activity in Solana’s social community, it seems that more negative things are emerging about her than positive ones.

On the bright side, if this increasing activity continues, Solana is expected to recover in the coming months.

At this time of writing SOL acted at $13.20 in the last 24 hours.

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