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Solana’s Phantom Wallet CEO: 2022 will be huge

                                                            Solana gehört zweifellos zu den am schnellsten wachsenden Ökosystemen und ist eines der heißesten Netzwerke.  Es gibt Hunderte von Teams, die verschiedene Projekte entwickeln, die von Finanzanwendungen über nicht fungible Token bis hin zu blockkettenbasierten Spielen reichen.  Es ist gelungen, sich erfolgreich als einer der Hauptkonkurrenten für Ethereum.

The dynamic and dynamic ecosystem was perfectly represented during the Solana special conference held in Lisbon in early November: Breakpoint.

During the conference, Crypto potato had the chance for an interview Brandon Millman – the CEO and co-founder of Phantom Wallet – the leading non-custody wallet on Solana. We discussed the exciting intricacies of building in this thriving environment, as well as discussing some of the challenges businesses face.

We first wanted to ask why Phantom chose the SolanaBlockchain decided, but the atmosphere of the conference was everything – there are so many projects filling the conference room, building a variety of applications in a variety of market segments: from gaming and from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to finance apps and wallets, there was a bit of everything and a joy to see.

This is what awaits you in this article

Meet the Phantom users in person for the first time

With this in mind, we asked Millman how he experienced the conference and whether he has seen anything like it before.

“The conference was really great. I feel like there is a lot of really great energy and part of it is that people are tired of COVID and so on. I think it’s the first conference in a long time for a lot of people. And I think people are just extra enthusiastic.

But yeah, it was the first time I’ve met so many people who use Phantom personally. That was really great. “

And while we all knew the Solana community was strong, seeing them live is a whole different game. Millman said he was “pleasantly surprised” too.
Brandon Millman, CEO of Phantom
Well, it’s worth noting that Phantom recently revealed that they’re working on a mobile app, so we were excited to see what the next big thing we can expect from Phantom.

Millman: “We’re aiming for a beta by the end of the year. So real users can still use the app before the end of the year, and then we want to bring the mobile app to market sometime in early 2022.

There are a couple of things that we will look at later: We would also like to add other NFT-specific features, such as the ability to buy and sell NFTs or similar. We think about some of them.

And then, probably early next year, we’ll think about adding support for EVM-based chains like Polygon to add. At the moment we are concentrating a lot on the mobile app. “

5 new fake Android Phantom apps are added daily

We also wanted to talk about some of the phishing and fraud attempts that Phantom had to deal and the lessons they learned from it.

“We’ve been hit by such a huge surge in users recently that we’ve become a huge target for phishing and scams. So it wasn’t an actual security breach or anything like that – just a lot of phishing and scams.

The most important lesson here is that anti-phishing and anti-scamming must be an integral part of moving the business forward. Cheating is getting more and more sophisticated, so basically we need to be able to play this type of cat-and-mouse game.

For example, five new fake Android apps hit the market every day. We are proactively working with an outside company to eliminate these as they arise.

We didn’t really expect that. The other common scam is that they are running Google Ads under the name Phantom and tricking people into going to a fake website where they are offering them something called a. give rotten seed set.

Basically it’s a seed phrase that they already control, but they give it to the user as if it was a new one and then they go and then they ask the user to download the app and then put the phrase in there.

On the one hand, we as a community want to make crypto more accessible for everyone. On the other hand, as more users or new companies enter the industry, we can expect a lot more phishing and security incidents. Where is the point of equilibrium between the two?

“I think there are a few different things we can do to solve some of this. Education is a big issue. It’s important to invest in user training, be it in video series or articles and the like, and I think the entire industry can help with that.

The other direction that we’re also thinking about is just rethinking. I talked about it a little bit yesterday on my panel (i.e. during the Breakpoint 2021 conference), but basically there are non-custody wallets where you just give the user the private keys and they manage them himself. And then there is the other end of the spectrum – depot wallets, where the company itself manages the private keys.

But there are some interesting solutions that are kind of in between. For example social recreation or multi-party calculations where we can experiment with some kind of interim solution. “

Increasing contingent of users from Southeast Asia

We also discussed some interesting facts about Phantom’s user base. Millman revealed that most of them are from the US, but “there is also a growing contingent like Southeast Asia and Russia, more specifically, too.

In terms of usage, all of the hypergrowth on Solana is related to NFTs like drops and secondary marketplaces. These were the most popular uses that the DeFi-Usage, as far as we can tell, in the shade.

Do you have plans to integrate multi-channel capabilities and data networks in addition to Solana?

“When we started Phantom, it was originally designed as a multi-chain MetaMask competitor where you can use the wallet to access DeFi apps no matter how they’re implemented, and that’s still the long-term goal.

We wanted to get to a point where someone who wants to use a DeFi app or an NFT app should be the first to download Phantom to access those things regardless of the blockchain they live on.

But other than that, we are very focused on Solana right now just because of the great growth that is taking place. And we’ll likely be focused on Solana for at least the next six months or so. It’s hard to tell, though I think next year we’re going to think about EVM based chains like Ethereum and Polygon.

I think the EVM compatibility is going to be cool because we can add things like Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – we thought about that in the middle of next year. It’s interesting the team – the three founders, we used to be called at a decentralized stock exchange company 0x worked on Ethereum. So, Ethereum is like our bread and butter – where we come from. “

Phantom Wallet – when tokens?

Given the growing trend towards decentralized governance and the fact that many companies are sending tokens to their communities and early adopters, we couldn’t help but wonder if Phantom has something similar in store.

“I definitely heard the rumors […] I would say it’s not on our roadmap right now. But it’s probably something we keep track of. I think that not only do we have normal tokens these days, but NFTs as well. So I think there is a lot of room to experiment as to what types of tokens could be useful with the wallet. But at the moment there are no concrete plans. “

Speaking of NFTs, we also wanted to know how Millman saw the future of Solana sees – whether it is hidden in the non-fungible tokens or in the newly emerging area of ​​play-to-earn.

Most of the growth recently has been NFT related. I think Solana is really well suited for this particular user base because of the low fees it offers – a lot more casual users who don’t necessarily travel in bulk. So I think NFTs will definitely keep growing.

And I’m also very excited about the upcoming play-to-earn and gaming stuff. I think there are some really cool teams out there building something on Solana right now, but it just takes a little longer. A little lead time is required as they build up like complete game experiences. I think this will be the next wave of activity on Solana, hopefully early next year. “

Do you see Solana competing with? Ethereum in the long run? Do you think it will end up like a winner-take-all scenario or whether there will be networks working together?

“It’s difficult to say. I think blockchain apps are serving such a small group of users right now, and the blockchain offering just can’t really keep up.

If we actually start gaining tens of millions of users, we will likely see several networks serving that demand, at least in the near future. So I think there will be multiple chains just because I feel like we haven’t even really seen how the blockchains handle tens of millions of users. “

From Twitter Dev to 0x and Phantom

Finally, we wanted to know something more personal – how Millman got into crypto, and what he would say to developers and entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry. It is too late?

“Personally, I got into the crypto industry in 2017 – basically the last hype cycle with lots of ICOs and the like. Before that, I was a software developer on Twitter. I read all of these white papers and got so interested in this crypto stuff that I spent more time learning about it than focusing on normal work.

So I took it as a good signal to just dive in. I started at 0x and worked there from 2017 to 2021, and as for the tips – I’d tell people it’s still very early.

I think it’s the perfect time to join in, and when someone is really interested in this stuff but just struggling a little bit getting that final boost, I would say just take the plunge. It’s a really exciting industry – there are so many different projects, so many different things happening, and there is really a lot to learn. “


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