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Southwest Airlines is offering 25,000 points to passengers affected by the travel crisis

Southwest Airlines on Tuesday began handing out 25,000 frequent flyer points to travelers affected by the holiday crisis.

The bonus miles, which the airline says are in addition to ticket refunds and reimbursement of expenses, were accompanied by a letter from Southwest Chief Executive Bob Jordan.

“I know that no apology can undo your experience,” Mr. Jordan’s letter said.

The airline did not disclose the number of passengers affected by nearly 16,000 flight cancellations and did not disclose the number of points awarded on Tuesday.

He calls the 25,000 Rapid Rewards points, Southwest’s frequent flyer currency, a “goodwill gesture.” Families and other groups traveling together receive 25,000 points per person.

The airline says the bonus points issued to travelers whose flights were disrupted between Dec. 24 and Jan. 2 are worth more than $300. Value varies as points redemption at Southwest is based on factors such as distance and demand.

For example, the 25,000 points are enough to travel from Phoenix to Maui, Hawaii, during a slow holiday season at the end of January. They would only cover a one-way ticket from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Presidents Day weekend.

Travelers can search for points on the Southwest website.

Mr Jordan’s letter also said the airline was working “with great urgency” to process requests for refunds and refunds and to reunite passengers with their lost luggage.

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