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Summer Hangout at BetFury for $500,000

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A warm breeze blows from the turquoise water surface. Crabs have crawled out with BFG tokens in their claws and have started congregating near the sand casino locks. Now it’s time to warm up this summer with bright entertainment and big prizes! Join the hottest summer entertainment at BetFury – Leading Crypto Casino. Battles, Tournaments, Giveaways, Summer Crypto Box, Scratch Cards and 5,000+ Games. Don’t hesitate, try everything from May 24th to June 8th.

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Win-win scratch cards for 1 000 000 BFG

Hang out with house games and slots at betFury and get win-win scratch cards. Clear 3 equal sectors to get the reward. More bets – more scratch cards.

Summer Battles for $240,000

Join the hot battles every day to get huge rewards. In addition, a win earns you extra points towards the final tournament with big prizes.

our recommendation Summer Hangout at BetFury for $500,000, Crypto Trading News

Summer Hangout at BetFury for $500,000, Crypto Trading News

Points tournament for $100,000 in BFG & USDT

Participate in all gaming battles during the event and get points. Don’t miss a single battle and climb the leaderboard.

Summer Crypto Boxes with up to 30% monthly rate

Make the most of the summer! Get Super Boxen and enjoy fruitful BFG win.

Global giveaways with a $2,000 prize pool

Start this summer with friends. Follow BetFury on social networks, be active and win prizes.

Play games, compete, catch cryptocurrencies and relax to the fullest with BetFury.

About BetFury

BetFury Crypto Casino is an iGaming platform with homegrown games, great features, free to play concept, valuable products, native BFG token and remarkable partners.

Within two years of its launch, the young but ambitious project has made a significant breakthrough in the i-Gaming industry and built a solid reputation. The number of users is growing rapidly and now exceeds one million.

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