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Terawulf brings America’s first fully nuclear-powered bitcoin mining operation online

Terawulf brings America’s first fully nuclear-powered bitcoin mining operation online, Crypto Trading News

A joint venture with Cumulus Coin, LLC. has the first nuclear-powered Bitcoin-Pennsylvania mine brought online.

Terawulf has announced that about half of its nuclear-powered crypto-mine Nautilus has come online. The mining facility, a joint venture with Cumulus Coin, LLC., is fully powered by the 2.5 GW Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania.

Full operation will be 50 MW and 1.9 EH/s, with an option for Terawulf to add another 50 MW Bitcoin mining-Add capacity “that the company plans to deploy in future phases,” according to a press release.

Paul Prager, Chairman and CEO of TeraWulf, said that “since the Nautilus facility was recently commissioned earlier this month, approximately 16,000 TeraWulf-owned miners representing a capacity of 1.9 EH/s for self-mining are on site are and are brought online every day.”

“Nautilus’ nuclear-powered mining facility benefits from arguably the lowest cost energy in the industry, just $0.02/kWh for a five-year run,” commented Prager.

Mining Advisor and co-founder of Citadel 256, Magdalena Gronowska, previously described in an article for Bitcoin Magazine how nuclear power can revolutionize Bitcoin mining.

“Nuclear power is a carbon-free, reliable and cheap source of energy,” she told the magazine. “It’s not perfect as it emits nuclear waste, but every energy source has trade-offs between environmental footprint, reliability, and capital and operating costs… We need a diverse mix of power generation to serve both base load and peak load as we move to a low-carbon.” Business.”

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