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Terminal 2.0 comes with further improvements

                                                            Jeder Crypto-Händler und Ertragsbauer möchte erhebliche Gewinne erzielen und gleichzeitig einige der Risiken mindern, denen er auf dem extrem volatilen Markt ausgesetzt ist.

Fortunately, delta.theta has developed a solution that targets both crypto traders and DeFi– To help high yield farmers get the most out of their investment without taking on high risk.

delta.theta is a decentralized peer-to-peer options trading platform that enables users to access central exchange (CEX) liquidity on-chain. This creates a decentralized network of real-time order book market makers to hedge decentralized exchange options (DEX) against CEX order books.

This is what awaits you in this article

How are options used in crypto?

Securing positions

Investors can use hedging strategies to significantly reduce their risk exposure in volatile markets like crypto.

When used correctly, options help investors mitigate their risks without diminishing their potential returns. The value of put options increases when the underlying falls below the exercise price of the option.

However, the value of call options decreases if the underlying falls below the strike price of the option.

Market participation without a position

Options can also allow traders to enter the crypto market without taking a position by speculating on the price movement of a crypto asset.

Here the trader has to choose between call or put options. Traders use the long call options when they are optimistic about the price of the underlying asset, which allows them to make massive profits if the asset exceeds the strike price.

In contrast, traders implement long put options when they are pessimistic about the price of the underlying asset, which acts as protection if the price falls below the strike price.

Meet DLTA Terminal v2.0

On December 21st, delta.theta announced the release of its DTLA Terminal v2.0 to offer users a more seamless experience.

Terminal v2.0 is a practical step in developing the business model of the project and preparing for the launch of the Structured Products module.

The aim of the platform is to use the new terminal as a marketplace on which users can buy any structured product. In addition to expanding its products and services, the project is building new relationships and interactions with other protocols, including Aurora and NEAR.

In addition, the new terminal was checked by the auditing company Hacken without any critical defects.

Terminal 2.0 provides the following key features to option traders:

– No restrictions on options, positions and sides of the deal. Users can buy and sell any strike or premium on any date and option.

– The premium for sellers can be claimed immediately after purchasing the option.

– Full DLTA token integration – 50% discount on platform fees when paying in DLTA and option to pay in DLTA for network fees.

– All sellers of PUT options can receive APY from Venus on their stablecoins via a cross-chain solution.

– The platform offers and expands the list of covered tokens to include all tier 1 / tier 2 tokens (top 100 CMC).

– No know-your-customer (KYC). One thing that many would consider an advantage is the lack of KYC. This is due to the fact that it is a decentralized exchange and users don’t have to go through rigorous compliance checks.

The Delta.theta roadmap

Delta.theta plans to achieve great success with the second version of its terminal in the course of the next year.

The focus of the project for 2022 will be on structured products and automated delta hedge modules. The project also plans to expand its networks, a new listing for Tier1-Tier2 tokens and new ones Ethereum Virtual Machine Networks (EVM).

There is also an upcoming community program as well as plans for a possible ambassador program. There are also rumors that a community fund will be launched.

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