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Terra (LUNA) Community announces surprising airdrop of Terra 2.0

Terra (LUNA) announces the airdrop of Terra 2.0 after a community vote approved Proposal 1623, a bill creating a new Blockchain demands.
For the past few days, the Terra Twitter account has been updating followers on Terra 2.0 progress, starting with the first announcement thread on May 25th.

“1/ Terra 2.0 is coming. With overwhelming support, the Terra ecosystem voted to accept Proposal 1623, which calls for the emergence of a new blockchain and the preservation of our community.”

The 14-tweet thread outlines plans to learn from the catastrophic collapse of TerraUSD (UST) that shut down the Terra ecosystem by over 99%. The second tweet includes a link to the official recovery plan, which reads: “UST pegs failure is Terras DAO-Hack moment – a chance to rise again from the ashes.” The thread also describes that old LUNA tokens will be converted to Terra Classic (LUNC) and Terra 2.0 tokens will keep LUNA.

Yesterday Terra updated its followers and announced that the new Terra 2.0 blockchain will be launched on May 28th.

Airdrop from VNSMART Terra (LUNA) Community announces surprising airdrop of Terra 2.0, Crypto Trading News

“1/ Yesterday we said that Terra 2.0 is coming. It arrives tomorrow. The community has been working around the clock to coordinate the launch of the new chain. Subject to possible changes, we expect Terra to go live around 06:00 UTC on May 28, 2022.”

The airdrop was previously announced for May 27th.

The 18 tweet thread announces that Terra 2.0 (LUNA) will be listed by many popular exchanges.

8/ Thanks to our exchange partners who work closely with us, the new $LUNA coin is listed in many of your favorites. The final list of participants in the launch will be released soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, do you keep an eye out for announcements from exchanges on Twitter?

—Terra? Supported by LUNA? (@terra_money) May 27, 2022

Earlier this week, Binance announced plans to support the new network.

“Binance will rename the current Terra Network to Terra Classic Network and support the Terra Network airdrop. Terra Classic Network LUNA and UST tokens will be referred to as LUNA (legacy) and UST (legacy) in this announcement.”

The forthcoming launch of Terra 2.0 follows an investigation by Korean officials into allegations that Terra founder Do Kwon knowingly engaged in a Ponzi scam. Do Kwon and Daniel Shin, co-founders of Terraform, are also being sued by five investors who claim they lost $1.1 million due to “fraud and other financial irregularities,” the report said.
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