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Terra (LUNA) has pushed Polkadot outside the top 10, BTC is keeping $ 47,000

                                                            Nach einem weiteren Einbruch unter 46.000 US-Dollar hat sich Bitcoin erholt und liegt derzeit über 47.000 US-Dollar.  Auch die Altcoins liegen leicht im grünen Bereich, wobei Terra den Rest nach einem deutlichen zweistelligen Anstieg übertrifft.

LUNA exceeds DOT

The altcoins have suffered quite a bit since the beginning of December and especially since the massive crash two weeks ago. Ethereum rose from nearly $ 4,700 to $ 3,500 in one day, and while it’s made up a lot of ground since then, it’s still under $ 4,000.

In a daily comparison, however, the situation is a little more positive for most of them. Binance Coin is trading at $ 540 after up 2.2%. Solana (4.5%), Cardano (3%), Ripple (1%), Dogecoin (1%), Polkadot (1%) and Shiba Inu (1%) are also slightly in the green area.

However, Terra is the most significant winner among the alts with larger Market capitalization. LUNA was up 14% in one day, approaching $ 75. As a result, the asset is in the top 10 of the greatest Cryptocurrencies entered by market capitalization and replaced Polkadot.

More profits on a 24 hour scale come from Decred (14%), Hedera (12%), Arweave (11%), Harmony (10%) and Cosmos (9%).

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies rose by $ 50 billion to over $ 2.2 trillion in one day.
Overview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto

Bitcoin stands above $ 47,000

The primary cryptocurrency has also had its fair share of volatility lately. It failed at $ 51,000 on December 12, and the bears pushed it south by several thousand dollars in the days that followed.

That culminated in two consecutive crashes below $ 46,000, and the last one came yesterday. BTC responded well to the dump 24 hours ago, climbing to $ 48,000.

However, the uptrend has not continued and has since declined by nearly $ 1,000. As a result, its market cap is still below $ 900 billion.
Terra (LUNA) has pushed Polkadot outside the top 10, BTC is keeping $ 47,000, Crypto Trading NewsBTCUSD. TradingView.

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