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Terra LUNA hits new highs above $ 85, Shiba Inu Coin shows buying pressure at $ 0.000030

Terra LUNA and Shiba Inu Coins have behaved differently over the past few months. Price action in Shiba Inu was very dull for several months until it decided to get bullish in October. Although in the last two months the price movement in Shiba coin has been boring again as it is sliding a little lower every day. Terra LUNA, on the other hand, has been really bullish since August and hit a new record high this week as it heads towards $ 85. So let’s see where these two cryptos could go next.

Terra Daily Chart Analysis – LUNA Coin doesn’t look back

Terra LUNA coin was the most optimistic Cryptocurrency in the past two months as it hit higher and higher highs. The moving averages have supported it well, pushing the price higher as it hits higher highs. LUNA / USD is up above $ 85 today after being bullish for the past two weeks following the pullback earlier this month.

Terra’s community passed a proposal to burn $ 4.5 billion in LUNA coins in early November when the price was around $ 50, now that amount should be nearly doubled. This means deflation for this crypto coin with the burn that started this month which is helping to keep the price bullish. The cross-chain router protocol Multichain announced yesterday that the Terra / Fantom (FTM) bridge is live and brings more functionalities to the Terra network.

Terra has attracted more than $ 200 billion in funds in the past few months, which is another positive factor in the price of LUNA, so the upward momentum for this digital coin should continue. The $ 100 level doesn’t look too far after breaking through $ 80 and $ 85, so those who are long should stick with their trades.

Shiba Inu Daily Chart Analysis – The support holds at $ 0.000030

Terra LUNA hits new highs above $ 85, Shiba Inu Coin shows buying pressure at $ 0.000030, Crypto Trading News

The 100 SMA has now gone to Shiba Inu. in a resistance transformed

Shiba Inu decided to get bullish in October and soared more than ten times in value. But it failed to hold profits, and the bearish sentiment in the crypto market over the past two months has had a negative impact on coin. The decline doesn’t seem to be stopping for SHIB / USD as the lows descend, although we’ve seen some buying pressure around the $ 30 mark. Yesterday we saw price slide below this zone that used to be a resistance, but buyers stepped in and price moved back above it.

Will this level last? It looks like a good place for the pullback to end as Shiba is now grossly oversold. since the fundamentals look positive for this token. The rise in popularity has led Shiba to add various crypto exchanges to the list in the past few months, with Bit2Me, BitoEX, and Unocoin being the most recent. In addition, an online petition by the SHIB Army calling for massive cremation to take place soon is gaining in importance. If that goes through, it should be something too inflation like with Terra LUNA. We are following this petition and will be following the price action in Shiba to see where we can buy this crypto.


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