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The Latest NFT Selling Platform on the Etherium Network

The 256-year-old auction house is starting its new one NFT-Sales platform on the Ethereum Network. The new NFT platform is called “Christie’s 3.0”, which allows the auction transactions, including post-sale, to be completed entirely on the ETH Blockchain.

Christie’s is the second largest auction house in the world and has been successful in the fine arts business for over two centuries. Christie’s auction house includes a full portfolio global services in art finance, international real estate, education and art appraisal. Over the years, Christie’s has had operations in 46 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and mainland China.

Christie’s was NFT sales support since beeples Everydays: The first 500 days NFT sold in early 2021 for $69.3 million. Followed by the Curio Cards, an early NFT collection sold in September 2021.

Unlike Christie’s previous NFT auctions, the winner’s payment will not be processed via blockchain. But Christie’s 3.0 will now allow transactions on the marketplace like OpenSea and allow them to pay in ETH. According to Christie’s, the new marketplace was created in partnership with Manifold, Spatial and Chainalysis.

New York-based artist Diana Sinclair will launch the inaugural presentation of her nine NFT collection, entitled “Phrases” on September 28th. The NFT can be viewed in an online gallery of Spatial.

Aside from Christie’s, other auction houses like it Sotheby’s have joined the NFT and have closed the gap between visual art and digital art space. Sotheby’s launched its NFT platform called Sotheby’s Metaverse and has since released six NFT collections.

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