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The Manta Network community has access to new features with the introduction of Dolphin Testnet

                                                            <strong>[PRESS RELEASE – Boston, Massachusettes, 22nd December 2021]</strong>

Manta Network, the one based on substrates DeFi-Privacy protocol stack, has officially presented its Dolphin Testnet to MantaPay in Manta-Polkadot-Network and MariPay in Calamari-KusamaNetwork support.

With this introduction, Manta Network is opening its product suite to community members for the first time and granting full access to the functions. In addition, as part of the Dolphin Testnet launch, the Manta team also released its public Github repository for its tech-savvy community members.

Manta Network has developed multiple platforms and protocols that make decentralized finance (DeFi) more scalable and interoperable while improving security and privacy. At its core, Manta Network offers a number of DeFi-centric data protection protocols that add a layer of anonymity to all DeFi transactions.

This is achieved through the implementation of zero knowledge proofs from zkSnarks and Groth16 in order to Wallet– Completely obfuscate addresses. Hence, Manta Network plays the crucial role in masking portfolio management activities, especially in large volume transactions.

Since the inception, the Manta and Calamari teams have made significant strides in product development. The team has received grants, added several new milestones to their list, rolled out the mainnet version, made runtime upgrades, and more. This latest announcement marks the first time the Manta and Calamari teams have rolled out a community member test network.

While building a Layer 1 data protection network with zero-knowledge evidence is not an easy task, launching the Dolphin Testnet is another notable feat for the Manta and Calamari Networks.

Amid the growing demand for privacy-focused solutions for Blockchain-based products, Manta Network has become one of the platforms that aims to meet this demand with its Layer 1 solution instead of introducing another Layer 2 solution. Both Manta and Calamari will provide enhanced data protection for the entire DeFi ecosystem through their range of products including an automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) and payment protocol with built-in data protection. Over time, the Manta team also plans to roll out other add-on products such as a synthetic asset protocol and a private credit feature.

Kenny Li, COO of Manta Network, stated while remaking the Dolphin testnet: “Data protection has always been a fundamental issue for us. The more users have DeFi projects, the greater the privacy issues become. Manta Network addresses this problem for the entire community, and the Dolphin testnet is only the first of many more community-oriented steps on our exuberant roadmap. “

Via Manta Network

Manta Network, founded in 2020, has developed several protocols to protect privacy in the DeFi area by ensuring greater anonymity for multiple transaction activities and helping to hide user activities through the use of various cryptographic technologies, including zk-SNARKS and Groth16 .

Substrate-based protocols, including an AMM DEX and a payment protocol, have already been presented, with more to come. Investors include Alameda Research, Polychain Capital, DeFiance Capital, CoinFund, ParaFi Capital, LongHash Ventures, SkyVision Capital, Zee Prime Capital, The Spartan Group, Divergence Capital, SNZ Holding, CMS Holdings, Global Coin Ventures, ConSensys, Digital Currency Group and more.

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