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The Ordinals Community donates $19,000 to the HRF Bitcoin Development Fund

The Ordinals Community donates $19,000 to the HRF Bitcoin Development Fund, Crypto Trading News

An ordinals community around the inscriptions of Taproot Wizards has almost .85 Bitcoin donated to the HRF.

The Ordinal Inscription Collecting Community by Taproot Wizards has announced the donation of approximately $19,000 worth of bitcoin to the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund. The fund supports and finances various bitcoin projects, developers and contributors to Bitcoin Core.

Besides, according to the announcement tweetfound more than 5,000 lightning microtransactions from seemingly new users of the Lightning Network of Bitcoin instead.

According to Udi Wertheimer, who self-identified as “Taproot Wizard #0001,” the Wizarding School’s “Lightning Strike” quest took 48 hours to complete, with 5,800 unique accounts participating. These accounts have sent a total of 0.845 BTC in donations, which are currently worth around $19,000.
The average donation was approximately $3.50, and the vast majority of donations were $2.00, or about 10,000 sats. “All payments were processed through Lightning, and judging by the reactions on our Discord server, it seems like the vast majority were first-time users,” explained Wertheimer.

Bitcoiners who had never experienced the Lightning Network’s impressive speeds were surprised to the instant nature of their payments. “I didn’t know lightning was that fast,” exclaimed one user. “Shit is crazy.”

Ordinal inscriptions have taken the Bitcoin community by storm since their inception, with the protocol on track to exceed 500,000 inscriptions. While the impact of ordinals is yet to be fully agreed upon, what is certain is that the immutable arbitrary data storage that ordinals and taproot enabled will unleash new developments and communities around bitcoin.

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