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The SEC appoints a new senior advisor to oversee cryptocurrencies

                                                            Die Securities and Exchange Commission hat Corey Frayer beauftragt, den Vorsitzenden Gary Gensler in Bezug auf die Regulierung von Cryptowährungen zu beraten.  Frayers frühere Erfahrung umfasst die Tätigkeit als professioneller Mitarbeiter des Bankenausschusses des Senats und als politischer Berater des Ausschusses für Finanzdienstleistungen des Repräsentantenhauses.
  • The U.S. guard dog has a complicated history with the cryptocurrency space. The appointment of Gary Gensler as chairman earlier this year was seen by many as a positive move for the industry as he was “fascinated” by crypto and Blockchain-Teached courses at MIT.
  • Under his command, the Commission finally had two at the beginning of this year Bitcoin-ETFs given the green light even though they are hedged by futures contracts rather than spot BTC. Gensler believes that futures-backed Bitcoin ETFs could offer investors more protection.
  • Despite the recent meetings between regulators and crypto executives, the SEC continues to seek to implement specific rules in the digital asset space.
  • In a recent attempt to improve its cryptocurrency monitoring, the Commission hired Corey Frayer to advise Chairman Gensler on “SEC policy and inter-agency work on crypto-asset oversight”.
  • The announcement stated that Frayer had experience holding several senior positions in the country’s political landscape.
  • In addition to the positions he held above, Frayer was also a senior advisor “on issues such as consumer and investor protection” for a decade.

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