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The SushiSwap proposal calls for a merger with the Bancor network

                                                            SushiSwap ist eine der beliebtesten und erfahrensten dezentralen Börsen und automatisierten Market Maker (AMM).  Trotzdem hat es in den letzten Monaten einiges an internen Kämpfen gegeben.

Now a joint proposal calls for a merger between sushi and the Bancor Network.

A little bit of context

On December 9th, Joseph Delong, SushiSwap’s Chief Technical Officer, announced his resignation. This was no accident and the culmination of a lengthy dispute within the community.

In November, a leaked screenshot revealed a poll in which Delong asked if 0xMaki – SushiSwap Key Developer, should leave the core team and take on an advisory role. The former tech boss dismissed the claims and threatened to resign if the community did not support the proposed core team.

He also made a proposal at the time to pay members of the core team 200,000 SUSHI tokens worth about a million dollars, but it didn’t go through.

Sushi and Bancor?

Now a proposal has been posted on SushiSwap forums calling for a merger with the Bancor network, with the main idea being that the two projects create a new network that will provide a more positive outcome for liquidity providers and traders.

The proposal does not contain many details on the technical aspects, but uses the turbulence in the management of SushiSwap as one of the reasons. The voting ends in a few hours and unless something unexpected happens, it doesn’t happen; According to a snapshot from Bancor, it seems likely that the proposal will be adopted. At the time of this writing, over 58% of people are against it while about 42% support it.

Mark Richardson, Head of Research at Bancor, also commented on the topic, saying that the proposal in its current form should not be taken seriously, but is not fundamentally against the initiative.

Finally, I would like to say that I would be very happy to bring the Bancor project together with Sushi. I see very clearly that such an event can have immense value for everyone involved. There seems to be a synergy of developer talent, community energy and shared vision that would be very powerful. I don’t want my criticism to be misunderstood as an outwardly negative reaction. I wouldn’t show up if I thought the idea was empty. But it is [very] incomplete. – He said.


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