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The top 10 Ethereum rumors about token airdrops for 2022

After a record year for token airdrops, Crypto Briefing has compiled another list of protocols that could send tokens to early users in 2022.

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The central theses

  • 2021 was a big year for Airdrops, leading the DeFi-Projects offered generous rewards to early users.
  • Layer 2 solutions and bridges should take center stage in 2022.
  • Experimenting with other ecosystems like,, and is also a solid strategy for earning token rewards.

Those who test new protocols can often be richly rewarded.

DeFi Airdrops in 2021

To say 2021 was a good year for Airdrops would be an understatement.

In January, Crypto Briefing released a list of 10 DeFi projects that would likely send tokens to early users. So far, three of the 10 listed tokens have been handed out, bringing in thousands of dollars worth of digital assets to early adopters.

In June, Instadapp was the first on our list to reward their users by giving 11,000,000 INST tokens to Makers DAO,, and users on Ethereum and . Next, the on-chain trading platform announced its own token in August, reducing 7.5% of the total DYDX token supply to early users. Despite the public announcement that it was not planning an airdrop, Paraswap released 150 million PSP tokens to frequent users in November.

Of the seven who failed to token users this year, some still look promising. MetaMask has consistently warned that an airdrop might be coming, but has been vague about who is eligible or when it is likely to be. Other picks, like Zapper and DeFi Saver, were less noisy but are still favorites for a future airdrop.

As always, nothing is guaranteed with Airdrops as factors such as selection criteria are so difficult to predict, even more so after a number of Sybil attacks on Airdrops were discovered earlier this year. However, the previous record of airdrops has proven that those who commit consistently early on are likely to be richly rewarded.

Here we list our top 10 Ethereum-based projects that could drop a token in 2022.

1. zkSync

zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It uses ZK rollups and is one of several Ethereum scaling projects for our list. Pioneers can transfer ETH to the zkSync 1.0 mainnet, where they NFTs be able to emboss or test dApps that are preparing for the start in the network.

To qualify for a possible future airdrop, users can try ETH on the mainnetWallet from zkSync and exchange the testnet version of UniSync on the zkEVM.

In particular, zkSync has confirmed that it plans to decentralize via a governance token that many speculate will airdrop to early users.

2. StarkNet from StarkWare

Like zkSync, StarkNet is another scaling solution that was created using ZK rollups. StarkWare, the company behind StarkNet, offers the technology to scale several existing DeFi and NFT protocols such as dYdX, DeversiFi, Sorare and Immutable X.

The StarkWare team wasn’t sure whether it plans to launch a token, but didn’t throw out the idea outright. On the StarkWare Discord server, team members often respond with “no comment” to questions about a token. One of StarkWare’s key initiatives is the decentralization of StarkNet, and a popular way to do this is by issuing a governance token.

StarkNet Alpha recently started allowing developers to build apps on the network before a general release in 2022. In preparation, users can use Argent. download, one of the first StarkNet compatible browser extension wallets.

Since StarkWare has skipped one or the other trade-off, many believe that a token and possibly an airdrop for early adopters are likely in the future.

3. Zig-zag

The next step for those who have transferred ETH to zkSync or StarkWares StarkNet is to make some trades on ZigZag.

ZigZag is the first decentralized exchange based on zkSync and StarkNet Alpha. It is still in the early stages of development and only supports a limited number of trading pairs, but it appears to have a significant lead over other protocols that plan to roll out on ZK rollup-based Layer 2 solutions.

Rumors are circulating that early adopters could potentially receive an airdrop in the future if the exchange decides to release a token.

4. Court of Arbitration

Continuing the topic of Ethereum Layer-2 Solutions, Arbitrum, an optimistic rollup, is next on the list for a potential token airdrop.

The speculation about an arbitrum airdrop is from Good Bridging, a popular token bridge to Avalanche, dropping 100% of its token offering to those who had used the bridge to transfer funds. Some speculate that users of the Arbitrum Bridge could expect a similar payout in the future as well.

However, Ed Felten, co-founder of the company behind Arbitrum, Offchain Labs, has publicly specified that he is not expecting an arbitrum token. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating. There is evidence that people have tries to Sybil Attack a future arbitrum airdrop by dropping small amounts of. send Ethereum over the Arbitrum bridge from multiple wallets.

5. Optimism

Optimism is another optimistic rollup project that aims to scale Ethereum. As with Arbitrum, there is speculation about an airdrop for those who token to bridge to Optimistic Ethereum and interact with DeFi applications. , Synapse, and so far have all been deployed on Optimism; Trading in these protocols could also lead to eligibility to be dropped.

Although the Optimism team didn’t say a word, many are hoping for a symbolic airdrop for early adopters.

6. Hop protocol

As several Ethereum for upcoming airdrops are rumored about Layer 2 solutions, a bridge connecting them seems like a good candidate as well. Hop is a scalable rollup-to-rollup bridge linking Ethereum to Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and xDai.

There are rumors that using the hop protocol bridge as well as providing liquidity and staking liquidity provider tokens could qualify users for a future airdrop.

For those looking to speculate on airdrops from Arbitrum and Optimism, hop use can be exposed to all three at the same time. Users can send funds to Arbitrum and then use Hop to bridge them to optimism, saving Ethereum gas fees.

In addition to a potential hop protocol governance token, those who bridge funds can also qualify for other airdrops. Instrumental finance recently announced an airdrop for those who participated in cross-layer and cross-chain strategies between August 5th and November 25th, with eligible Hop Protocol users.

7. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Manual transmission from Ethereum Layer-2 solutions, the next rumored airdrop is for owners of one of the most sought-after NFT collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club. The project’s Twitter account discussed the possibility of launching a token as early as October stating that a launch is likely in the first quarter of 2022.

It’s not confirmed whether Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners will receive a token airdrop, but it seems likely. For those who can’t afford the staggering prices of Bored Apes in the secondary market, there is a chance owners of the spin-off projects Bored Ape Kennel Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club may also be eligible for an upcoming airdrop.

8. Cow swap

CowSwap is the first decentralized exchange that is based on the Gnosis V2 protocol based. It enables users to buy and sell tokens using gasless orders that are either peer-to-peer or through any on-chain liquidity source.

Airdrop rumors have been circulating on Twitter and within the CowSwap and Gnosis communities for some time. A suggestion for improvement that outlines a protocol token has also gained in importance in the Gnosis forum.

When CowSwap decides to start a token, it is possible that holders of the Gnosis Protocol token will also queue for the airdrop.

9. Clipper

Clipper is another newly launched decentralized exchange to build the airdrop list. It positions itself as an exchange for retailers and specializes in swaps under USD 10,000 to keep slippage low.

A clipper airdrop is more speculative than most on this list, but there are a few clues. Aside from the fact that Clipper doesn’t have a token yet, it has announced that it will create a DAO so it may be able to launch a token to decentralize the protocol in the future.

Using the exchange for trading or providing liquidity could qualify users for future token rewards. Those looking to avoid the high gas fees, Ethereum can swap on Polygon to approach this potential airdrop.

10. Unstoppable domains

After the surprising airdrop from Ethereum Name Service in early November, speculation is mounting about whether others will BlockchainDomain providers will take a similar path.

Unstoppable domains offers “.crypto” domain names on Ethereum and Polygon, similar to ENS “.eth” names. provides Ethereum. The protocol does not currently have a token, making it a prime candidate for a future airdrop.

Unlike ENS, Unstoppable Domains only requires a one-time payment to buy a domain with no renewal fees. Owners of unstoppable domains could end up being eligible for a future airdrop if protocol decides to issue a token.

Final thoughts

In early 2021, DeFi protocols seemed like the most promising prospects for token airdrops. As expected, many of the most lucrative airdrops from DeFi projects came to Ethereum.

For 2022, Ethereum Layer-2 solutions and cross-chain bridges are now favorites for a big year of releases. Aside from the names on this list, testing any other Ethereum scaling solution or interoperability protocol over the next year are likely good choices to maximize the chance of a crash. Furthermore, besides Ethereum, exploring other ecosystems like Kosmos, Avalanche, and Solana will likely bring rewards for early protocol adopters as well.

Token rewards aside, learning about these emerging technologies is in and of itself a great educational investment. An early adopter can be worthwhile, but those who do should also be aware of the risks associated with using protocols that are still in the early stages of development.

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