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These crypto entrepreneurs are set to be the most profitable over the next decade: MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, says that a certain type of crypto-related business will be most successful in the next 10 years.
In a new interview, Saylor says that compliant custodians that have access to Bitcoin grant will likely make the most money in crypto over the next decade.

“People chronically invest too little in companies that are centralized, stored and compliant with the law Companies that could join Bitcoin. You can make $ 100 billion by getting Fidelity more deeply into Bitcoin, so why not think about how to sell that to Fidelity? If you want to plug bitcoin into an Apple computer, it could be worth a trillion dollars.

But Apple’s custody, but Apple complies. I see, but it’s still a trillion dollar chance.

I am a crypto person. I want to be decentralized, not compliant. Here’s the problem: will it be the purest pure-play cryptos that will make all the money in the next phase, or will it be compliant custodians hooking up to Bitcoin who will make all the money in the next phase ? Decade? Obviously, I happen to believe that the custodian public institutions have more options than any crypto entrepreneur. “

Saylor says that despite the profit potential of public custodians, crypto entrepreneurs are still missing out on the opportunity.

“The crypto entrepreneurs don’t want to think that because if you don’t have a bank and you aren’t an Apple computer, if you don’t have a country, you can’t do that, can you?

You want to start your own country. You want to start your own bank. You want to build your own social network. If you don’t have it, okay, good. It’s a free world. Everyone should be able to do what they can, and something good will come out of this one of a thousand, one of ten thousand things. They will be the Instagram or the Facebook that will just explode and they will have a 99.9% failure rate and the rest will all crash and burn and I don’t know which one will be successful. “


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