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This fundamental Bitcoin feature will be rolled out next on the investor wave, according to BTC bull Anthony Pompliano

Crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano unveils a feature of Bitcoin (BTC)which he believes will drive the next wave of its adoption.
In a new episode of the Best Business Show, Pompliano tells his 379,000 YouTube subscribers that the transparency of Bitcoin’s on-chain data will attract more BTC investors and traders.

“In the chain [data] is not a magic indicator. It doesn’t tell us the future. But what it does is open up, in a transparent way, exactly what is already happening on-chain.

This data is available on the Bitcoin market. It’s like getting a profit report on the bitcoin network every day.

Wall Street investors will open their eyes and start realizing that on-chain metrics are incredibly important. And when they realize that they have more information and more transparency in this industry, you will see more investors, more traders, come into the market.”

The bitcoin bull also says that on-chain data shows that more than half of BTC’s supply hasn’t moved in 12 months, suggesting investors are poised to hold the crypto king for the long term.

“However, my favorite metric is that 64.5% of Bitcoin hasn’t moved in a year. This market is illiquid and it will take a demand catalyst to drive the price higher. Where that came from I don’t know and neither do most people, but when it does, Bitcoin moves fast, as we’ve seen many times before.”

Popular on-chain analyst Willy Woo is also closely watching the falling supply BTC, which is available on crypto exchanges. According to Woo, BTC is preparing for a supply shock similar to what happened in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“Bitcoin price is sideways as Wall Street sells futures contracts in a macro risk off trade. Meanwhile, institutional money is scooping spot BTC at peak prices and moving to cold storage.

In times like these, I remember the supply shock in the fourth quarter of 2020.”
Source: Willy Woo/Twitter

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