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                                                            Die letzten sieben Tage waren auf dem Cryptowährungsmarkt ziemlich schmerzhaft, da der Großteil davon gut im Minus gehandelt wird.  Dies führte zu einem Verlust von 40 Milliarden US-Dollar aus der Gesamtkapitalisierung, die sich langsam 900 Milliarden US-Dollar nähert.  Der offensichtlichste Ausreißer dabei ist Ripple's XRP, das um 50 % anstieg.  Packen wir aus.

The price of Bitcoin is currently just under $19,000, down 5.7% over the past week. It was trading around $19,500 seven days ago and even managed to push above $20,000 on Sunday, but the bears quickly caught on and pushed BTC back towards $18,500.

From there, the cryptocurrency another attempt at recovery, but the Fed’s decision to hike rates again sent the market south, and BTC was again found around the same level at $18,500. Since then, the cryptocurrency has not recovered.

Most altcoins are also seeing significant losses, with ETH tops the list with over 12% weekly. It seems that the merger hasn’t positively impacted the price, at least for now. However, the most obvious outlier remains XRP, which has surged a whopping 50% over the past seven days.

This was mainly because the process with the US Securities and Exchange Commission is nearing a decision and it appears that the market is pricing in a positive settlement. Earlier in the week, both Ripple Labs and the SEC filed requests for an immediate decision, and a decision could come as soon as the next few months.

Elsewhere, another significant event was the fact that Nasdaq launched cryptocurrency services focused on institutional investors. The Nasdaq remains one of the largest exchanges, and its involvement in crypto is being interpreted as a sign that big money is still interested in the asset class.

However, given the macro headwinds and the general jitters and uncertainty in the broader markets, it will be very interesting to see how the coming months play out.

market data

market capitalization: $940 billion | 24-hour band: $81 billion | BTC dominance: 37.4%

Bitcoin: $18,701 (-5.7%) | ETH: $1,289 (-12.4%) | ADA: $0.45 (-3%)

this week’s summary – Crypto News Aktuell, Crypto Trading News

Nasdaq launches cryptocurrency service focused on institutional investors One of the world’s leading exchanges will officially enter the cryptocurrency market. The service giant recently announced that it will create a new entity dedicated to the growing cryptocurrency industry.

The SEC seeks to take authority over all Ethereum transactions in the SPRK suit (Opinion). The US Securities and Exchange Commission could be fishing Taking authority over all Ethereum transactions. That becomes clear following their arguments in a recently filed lawsuit against a 2018 ICO.

Michael Saylor sees Bitcoin trading at $69,000 in the next four years. Michael Saylor, one of Bitcoin’s most vocal supporters and CEO of intelligence firm MicroStrategy, said that he sees BTC trading at $69,000 in the next four years. It’s also worth noting that his company recently bought another $6 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

JPMorgan CEO Slams Crypto Again, Calling Bitcoin “Decentralized Ponzi Scheme” Jamie Dimon, CEO of multinational investment bank JP Morgan, repeated his negative stance towards the broader cryptocurrency industry, saying that he is a big critic and that Bitcoin is a decentralized Ponzi scheme.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell is stepping down after more than a decade It will be Jessee Powell, the co-founder of major cryptocurrency exchange Kraken dismount as CEO, having led the company for more than a decade. However, Powell is also the largest shareholder and remains the company’s CEO.

Bitcoin falls to $19,000 as Federal Reserve announces 75bps rate hike The primary cryptocurrency by total market cap saw its price fall to $19,000 as the US Federal Reserve announced another rate hike – this time by 75 basis points. The entire market went through a lot of volatility.


This week we have a chart analysis of Ethereum, RippleCardano, Solana and Binance Coin – Click here for the full price analysis.

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