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This will be the fuel propelling Bitcoin to $ 100,000, according to veteran trader Tone Vays

Seasoned trader Tone Vays says he has identified a catalyst behind the largest crypto asset Market capitalization will finally bring it into the six-digit price range.
In a new YouTube session, Vays tells its 118,000 subscribers that BTC has risen to new levels of “critical resistance” it must break to reach $ 100,000.

“The part that really needs to be captured is going to be this monster outbreak [from approximately $69,000 to $100,000]. We don’t really know what the price of Bitcoin is going to do, but we’re taking our best statistical record …

Some people will get very, very upset that Bitcoin isn’t breaking out of this triangle fast enough.

And that would be the fuel that drives Bitcoin to $ 100,000. “
Source: Tone Vays / YouTube
The trader says he previously looked at Bitcoin’s 200-week moving average in the event of a “catastrophic break” but now believes BTC is clear.

“During the last couple of candles I had removed the short-term moving average and replaced it with a long-term moving average in case there was a catastrophic break.

The catastrophic break did not come. “
This will be the fuel propelling Bitcoin to $ 100,000, according to veteran trader Tone Vays, Crypto Trading NewsSource: Tone Vays / YouTube
When asked what another correction to $ 48,000 for the future of Bitcoin, Vays says:

“If we get hammered back to $ 48,000, we can go from $ 48,000 to $ 62,000, then from $ 62,000 to $ 55,000, and then break out.

But if we get right now to $ 62,000, we can spend our time getting back to $ 52,000.

It doesn’t really change [Bitcoin’s triangle breakout].

Whether we are rejected now and rise to $ 48,000 or later rejected to $ 62,000 and drop to $ 52,000 does not matter.

This does not change anything about the breakout of the triangle. “

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 51,824, up 3% from the day.

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