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TNNS NFT Sports Platform partners with Rabbi Rabbit Club

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TNNS Pro announced that its Blockchain-based NFTPlatform is coming soon. The new NFT platform is being developed in collaboration with the Rabbi Rabbit Club to bring something new to the NFT arena: sports. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, the sports industry is one of the underutilized niches by current NFT projects.

Rabbi Rabbit Club, an NFT collectible on, has an impeccable reputation, a huge collection of NFTs, and a rapidly growing audience. This collaboration immediately increases the credibility of the TNNS Pro NFT platform and is a good indicator of continued success for those first involved.

The TNNS Pro NFT platform is one of the key products in the TNNS ecosystem. TNNS Pro is building a Mixed Reality (MR) platform, a technology that brings both the real and the visual world together in real time. The new technology offers sports fans a mix of reality and virtual reality that no other NFT project has achieved.

TNNS was founded with one simple goal: to reward all athletes for their commitment to sports. Along with athletes from tennis, basketball, American football, Paralympics, and others, TNNS has assembled a community of elite entertainers, artists, and designers who will all work together to create coveted NFTs to produce. Once these unique NFTs have been minted and sold on the TNNS Pro NFT platform, the parties enjoy a generous revenue sharing – with all transaction and minting fees passed on to the buyer.

There are already over 2,600 TNNS sponsored athletes who have given their name, image and likeness to the Avatar NFTs. The e-sports platform TNNS, which will be launched in 2022, will enable gamers to bring the 3-D avatars of athletes into play. Players earn TNNS, the native token for the ecosystem, for playing the esports game and can then spend the TNNS within the game.

This is hardly the only benefit or source of income from TNNS. The TNNS token is also used as currency for esports tournaments, live tournaments, access to private events in the VR world, buying NFTs, buying sporting goods and much more.

For updates on TNNS, please follow TNNS on Instagram (@ and visit their website ( for the company’s white paper, technical audits and information on the TNNS team, including the Global Brand Ambassador and NBA MVP Steve Nash.

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