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Top analyst reveals crypto portfolio heading into 2022

Popular crypto strategist and trader reveals his cryptoPortfolio at the close of 2021, claiming he snagged an altcoin under the radar.
The pseudonymous analyst The Crypto Dog tells his 719,500 followers that he Bitcoin (BTC) and holds other Layer 1 altcoins such as Near (NEAR) and Fantom (FTM).

“Long BTC (fewer trades> more profit)
DUSK (investment, no trade)
NEARBY (didn’t sell any) …
FTM I scooped a Christmas bag that is still in my hand. “

The crypto strategist adds that he also holds the token of the decentralized exchange Sushi.

SUSHI greatly outperforms.

I wish I had a big bag, but you can’t catch them all. “

Other altcoins on the trader’s radar are those Blockchain-Scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) and the decentralized financial payment network Terra (LUNA).

The Crypto Dog also says that it is more specifically invested in an altcoin that uses zero-knowledge technology (ZK) to protect the privacy of smart contracts.

“DUSK new all-time highs. The ZK season really begins … Yes, an important reason why I started the game so strongly DUSK was because of the rating that MINA while DUSK was so small.

Basically DUSK tech> MINA. the Market capitalization from MINA is still 4.7x higher than from DUSK.

I know which one I would rather hold. “

Dusk Network (DUSK) is a privacy-focused blockchain suitable for financial applications that enables companies to issue tokens regulated by smart contracts that protect privacy.

Currently, DUSK is trading at $ 0.76 with a market capitalization of $ 302.84 million.

Meanwhile, Mina Protocol (MINA), a project that also uses ZK technology to provide direct and permissionless access and end-to-end privacy on their blockchain network, is priced at $ 3.53 with a market cap traded at $ 1.18 billion.
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