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Transient Network launches its second DApp CryptoPool to enter the price prediction market

                                                            <strong>[PRESS RELEASE – Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 29th December 2021]</strong>

Transient Network, a global marketplace for smart contracts, has launched its second DApp CryptoPool on the Binance Smart Chain, following TSC-Core’s successful debut in November. CryptoPool will start soon on Ethereum and HECO Chain also networks.

The new DApp gives users the ability to create their own pools for crypto price prediction and share in the profits. The creator has the power to control the expiration time and entry fees for a pool. Participants can choose to make price predictions in a pool whose expiration time, fee level, and potential rewards they deem appropriate.

Contestants join a pool and inevitably join the prize pool if their prediction turns out to be correct. The DApp is relevant in both bull and bear markets as participants only need to hit the price in either direction to win the price.

“For those of you who have been dealing with crypto for a while – or even if you are a newbie – you know price is a hot topic. Whether we’re going through a bull or bear cycle, with CryptoPool you can add excitement to the conversation you have on your social networks and use your analysis to participate in some community-run price prediction pools! ”Said Beau Olson, CEO by Transient Network.

CryptoPool relies on code-free, self-executing smart contracts to make the entire process transparent and to avoid hurdles in the distribution of sales. Users can create peer-to-peer pools and try, a coin’s price, at some point in the future, all without programming knowledge. Initially, users can play around with top tokens from BSC and Ethereum. Transient Network is gradually adding more tokens. The community determines which new tokens will be added to the platform.

The DApp retains the same intuitive and easy-to-use interface found throughout the transient ecosystem. The pools provide transparent information and are as decentralized as possible.

Transient is building the “Amazon of Smart Contracts” – a global marketplace for decentralized applications (DApps) that will help non-programmers to create self-enforcing and self-executing smart contracts for specific use cases and industries. When Blockchain-Agnostiker and Ethereum Platform compatible with Virtual Machine (EVM) it can easily develop its DApps on multiple chains.

After TSC-Core and CryptoPool, Transient has two more DApps shortly before the mainnet start:

  • Esports: Builds an ecosystem of P2P market creation of your favorite esports competitions and many other services – and takes social betting and content-driven experiences to the next level
  • NDA: Allows users to create smart contracts that make it easier to work with customers and partners. Transient’s legal advisors ensure that the contracts are bulletproof within the legal landscape.

About transient

Transient is a decentralized ecosystem that gives non-programmers the ability to create and manage their next-gen contracts in the digital world. Its Smart Contract Global Marketplace was built from the ground up to increase blockchain adoption across all areas of industry and life by enabling and enabling the instant creation and distribution of a wide range of self-enforcing and self-executing smart contracts.

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