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Turn billions of NFT records into meaningful actions with PARSIQ Smart Triggers

Turn billions of NFT records into meaningful actions with PARSIQ Smart Triggers, Crypto Trading News

OpenSea, the world’s leading NFTMarketplace, is now integrated into PARSIQ to provide the innovative “reverse oracle” technology for NFTs. With PARSIQ, NFT enthusiasts can now Blockchain-Use real-time activities for more prudent actions and decisions. It is now possible to receive live notifications of NFT collections, with access to vital information on current sales, minimum prices and newly minted tokens.

Other datasets that users now interact with directly include one to 30 day volumes, project characteristics, Wallet-Activities and number of owners for specific NFT collections. Even better, you can get all of these updates right on your favorite channel, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Google Sheets. Whether you need simple notifications or advanced NFT billing workflows, you can set them up with just a few clicks with PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers.

NFTs are taking the blockchain industry by storm. Today the NFT marketplace is trading at $ 43 billion, after up nearly 426% in August alone. The Google search trend for “How to buy NFT” averaged 20 in early August. Search interest rose 29 days later to an average of 100 per day.

In other news, JP Morgan states that the NFT– Revenue rose to $ 7 billion in November 2021. In the past few months, monthly sales hit $ 2 billion, compared to $ 400 million in early January. One of the factors leading this market proliferation is an increase in the value of these digitized assets.

Despite its immense popularity, users still face numerous challenges when dealing with NFT data. For example, the number of NFTs sold on open marketplaces is increasing every day, and that is quite difficult if not almost impossible to keep track of all reserve prices.

Although users can access this data from various analytics sites, getting insights in real time is still a challenge. To make matters worse, the data comes from numerous fragmented NFT sources, making manual tracking of these sites difficult.

Adjusting “If This, Then That” promotions from NFTs would therefore be useful in creating more robust promotions for investors, collectors, projects, and marketplaces.

With the latest PARSIQ integration, NFT data can now be enriched with thousands of new possibilities. Getting started is easy. All you have to do is enter your wallet address or any public wallet of interest and monitor it using “intelligent triggers”. Finally, choose which channel you want to receive notifications through, or enrich the raw data with custom action logic.

Intelligent NFT triggers are crucial if the industry wants to gain more real use cases after the current hype. Many people can benefit from NFT monitoring, including avid NFT owners and prospective buyers NFT-Collectors and all NFT projects such as play-to-earn platforms. The main beneficiaries of this innovation are NFT marketplaces that seek to improve their users’ experience through real-time analytics.

Here are some use cases with NFT monitoring.

  • For investors Do you want to buy a CryptoPunk? Track the daily minimum prices of all CryptoPunks in real time to find the best time to buy. Even minutes can make a difference.
  • For NFT collectors Earn the NFT you earn by watching buy / sell prices on OpenSea. Receive instant notifications to your messaging app as soon as the price changes by a certain threshold.
  • NFT projects Data is the new oil. After you’ve shaped your project’s impressive NFT collection, you can keep track of where, who, and how each and every NFT is being handled. That way, you can get buyer demographics and detailed analysis for your NFT-Sales received.
  • Games to earn Smooth player mechanics are vital for play-to-earn platforms. Track every single transaction of all NFTs related to the game to locate bottlenecks and identify areas of game development based on detailed analysis.
  • NFT marketplaces Calculate daily volumes, unique active wallets, demographics, trends and many other insights with real-time data. Create custom analytical reports in Google Sheets or connect to your custom dashboard reporting software.

The NFT market is innovative and competitive, but highly fragmented. With easier ways to get on-chain NFT data, create meaningful actions, and connect to Web 2.0 applications we’re all familiar with, more people can take advantage of NFTs further.

Turn billions of NFT records into meaningful actions with PARSIQ Smart Triggers, Crypto Trading News

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