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Ubisoft Quartz NFT Initiative had sales of just $ 400 in 2 weeks

                                                            Trotz der Werbung und des Hypes des Projekts hat sich die Ubisoft Quartz Beta nicht als sehr beliebt erwiesen.  Fast zwei Wochen nach dem Start hat die NFT-Sammlung von Waffen-Skins und -Ausrüstung kaum 400 US-Dollar Umsatz generiert – nur 15 Verkäufe.

Ubisoft’s NFT flop

Liz Edwards – Senior Character Artist for Apex Legends – announced the company’s sales on Sunday. According to Rarible and Objkte – the NFT marketplaces linked to the Ubisoft Quartz website – only fifteen NFTs each in the collection were sold. That’s less than two sales a day since it was launched earlier this month.

Edwards reported total sales of 94.49 XTZ – under $ 400 for today’s price.

The collection is linked to Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” which was released on December 9th. The NFTs act as skins for weapons and equipment, each with a unique serial number that differentiates them from other items in the collection.

Although these serial numbers are visible in-game, Twitter users point out that they are very difficult to see during actual game. Hence the novelty and value of possession of a “scarce” item is severely compromised if its scarcity cannot be shown, which Edwards himself playfully mocked.

Minting NFTs on Tezos is relatively cheap because of the low gas charges. However, given the lack of pull of the collection, the project can operate at a loss, especially when the marketing costs and marketplace fees are factored in. Over 2000 of these NFTs were minted from a Ubisoft account.

The public perception of NFTs

Twitter sentiment about NFTs has been extremely negative among gamers. Last month, the Discord communications platform (commonly used by video game players) rolled back its plans for integration Ethereum NFTs after massive community backlash.

Objections to NFTs generally fall into two categories: they are viewed either as fraud or as harmful to the environment. Tezos tries to counteract the latter criticism through its proof-of-stakeConsensus mechanism to eliminate, which does not use nearly as much energy as its competitor chain Ethereum.


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