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UK court rules Craig Wright has no copyright claim to Bitcoin

UK court rules Craig Wright has no copyright claim to Bitcoin, Crypto Trading News

The verdict is the latest in a series of court cases that ended in a decision against Craig Wright.

A UK court has ruled against Craig Wright, stating that he has no copyright claim to the code of Bitcoin has.

According to Tuesday’s ruling, Wright’s claim that the formatting of bitcoin blocks was his intellectual property failed in court because the so-called “fixing” could not be proven. Fixation describes the ability to show the first shot of a work, which Wright was unable to do.

This is the latest in a series of court rulings against Wright’s favour, with the Norwegian courts ruling against him in the case against Hodlonaut and the UK ruling against him in his case with Peter McCormack.

For Bitcoin developers and open source code developers, Craig Wright’s attacks were a moment of hesitation and even fear. The litigation that binds developers due to these lawsuits is incredibly expensive and causes major problems in developers’ lives. While funds have previously been pooled to support those in need, rulings that reinforce the idea that bitcoin is not copyrighted code with restricted access are setting an important precedent.

It also serves as a reminder of Bitcoin’s open-source nature and reinforces the idea that anyone can contribute to its development without fear of legal repercussions. This ruling is a victory for open source developers and the bitcoin community.

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