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Uniswap Foundation Launches First Wave of Grants Totaling $1.8M

Uniswap Foundation, the organization overseeing the development of the world’s largest DEX, has said its first wave of grants totals nearly $1.8 million.

According to the official NoticeGrants vary in size and scope, and are broken down into three areas – protocol growth, community growth, and governance stewardship.

Uniswap Diamond

Uniswap Diamond is considered one of the most ambitious initiatives to fund Uniswap grants. All ecosystem stakeholders are expected to benefit from this work.

The goal is to improve the experience of pro traders and LPs, increase market share and simplify development and on-chain data analysis. For historical and real-time on-chain data API and SDK added, which is expected to be a game changer for developers building on Uniswap, analysts and end users.

In addition, Diamond will also include a professional user interface, which aims to increase Uniswap’s market share among professional users familiar with the characteristics of a more traditional centralized exchange. Despite being a DEX leader, Uniswap only has about 1% of the total crypto trading market share. However, Uniswap Diamond aims to increase this share by directly competing with the leading centralized platforms in terms of user experience and data.

The grant is being built by cross-chain governance research – GFX Labs – who have been active Uniswap contributors from the start. Remarkably, the GFX team was one of the first liquidity providers on v3.

“We are particularly excited about this grant because it represents the kind of ambitious, impactful and long-term work that the newly established foundation is uniquely able to support. We’re also excited to forge a stronger connection between GFX Labs – a talented development team that has already shown a strong commitment to Uniswap – and the ecosystem as a whole.”

Meanwhile,, Decentralized Volatility Oracle, and Numoen are also some of the most prominent grants along with Diamond.

“Reinvigorate governance”

Uniswap Foundation’s ambitious plan to streamline Uniswap’s Grant Program (UPG) and reduce friction in the protocol’s governance system became a reality last month. The original suggestion receive over 99% of the votes of UNI holders in favor.

Introducing the proposal, former Uniswap chief of staff Devin Walsh previously said the team had already moved at a rapid pace while meeting its top priorities in areas such as building its talent pool, ramping up the company’s Uniswap scholarship program and “reinvigorating governance.” -process”.

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