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Universe Island announces the first game offering (IGO)

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Universe Island has just announced its highly anticipated IGO and token sale. The IGO and token sale is scheduled for December 23, when UIM tokens worth $ 300,000 will be allotted at an IGO price of $ 0.00021. The IGO will also carry 20% to the Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by a monthly carryover of four months. SFUND token holders are also entitled to purchase $ UIM tokens and enter the Universe Island metaverse. The IGO will take place on the 23rd, with the pool open until 3:00 p.m. UTC, with phase 2 starting at 5:00 p.m. UTC.

The UIM token is what powers the Universe Island ecosystem. The token enables players to participate in auctions for NFTs Participate and purchase in-game items from the Universe Island Marketplace. Players can also use the UIM token as a governance token to help determine the direction of the project. Alternatively, they can also use their UIM tokens and earn rewards.

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The UIM token

The UIM token is the primary token of the Universe Island ecosystem and acts as the primary economic engine of the game and the ecosystem. Players pay their in-game rewards in UIM tokens, with token holders also being able to wager their tokens and earn staking rewards. The total supply of UIM tokens was limited to 100,000,000,000 tokens. The token has several uses, some of which are as follows:

  • All UIM token holders receive special recognition as token holders within the game.
  • UIM token holders do not need to pay any additional fee on the NFT marketplace. However, you have to pay the transaction fees on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Token holders can also access various in-game benefits.
  • Since the UIM token also acts as a governance token, token holders can vote on critical decisions related to Universe Island, e.g. B. on financing, suggestions for game development and the future direction of the platform.

Token assignment

The 100,000,000,000 UIM tokens are allocated as follows.

  • 4% of the tokens will be allocated to the seed round at $ 0.00014. (4,000,000,000 tokens)
  • 22% tokens allocated to the private sales round at $ 0.00018. (22,000,000,000 tokens)
  • 2% of the tokens were allocated for public sale at $ 0.00021. (2,000,000,000 tokens)
  • 16% of the tokens were allocated to staking.
  • 15% of the tokens are used for game rewards.

The team behind the project will be allocated 10% of the tokens.

  • 6% of the tokens are used for community rewards.
  • 6% of the tokens are allocated to liquidity.
  • Another 4% is allocated for marketing purposes.
  • Project Consultants are allocated 4% of the $ UIM tokens.
  • 11% for project development.

About Universe Island

Universe Island is a classic third-person shooter game with an engaging underlying story and NFT integration that allows players to experience cryptocurrency rewards and NFT gear advancement along with beautifully woven story-driven action. Players compete against each other while fighting against AI opponents to become elite players. The game’s play-to-win ecosystem is powered by the UIM token that powers the ecosystem.

The Universe Island metaverse is constantly expanding, with no limit on the number of maps or islands in the game. Players will appear at different ends of the map and compete against each other in different game modes such as 1-vs-1 or multiplayer. Players achieve victory by shooting the other player while dodging AI-controlled enemies. Each game usually lasts around 5-7 minutes, with the winners being rewarded with UIM tokens.

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