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Venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz is launching a new $600,000,000 Metaverse fund

A Silicon Valley-based investment firm is launching a new $600,000,000 Metaverse fund to leverage crypto assets.
In a new corporate blog post, venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz announces the creation of the Games One Fund, a fund dedicated to supporting innovation in the gaming industry and building the underlying infrastructure of the metaverse.

Andreessen Horowitz plans to use the fund to invest in game development studios, consumer applications that offer assistive games, and the Metaverse framework itself, which the company believes is the future of gaming.

“Longer term, we believe gaming infrastructure and technologies will be key building blocks of the metaverse…

As games evolve into virtual worlds and online services, the demand for the tools and services needed to create great games skyrockets. Not only is this infrastructure important for gaming itself, we also believe that the coming metaverse will be built by gaming companies using gaming technologies.”

Airdrop from VNSMART Venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz is launching a new $600,000,000 Metaverse fund, Crypto Trading News

According to the company, video games have undergone a radical transformation over the past decade, evolving into social media-like networks capable of leveraging Web 3.0 digital resources.

“In the last decade, games have undergone a radical transformation, from simple entertainment packages to online services that are more like social media and scale like consumer technology companies…

Additionally, games also drive innovation across the consumer ecosystem, pioneering best-in-class user engagement, retention and monetization mechanisms such as microtransactions, battle passes and web 3.0 tokens.”

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