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Voodoo Announces $ 200 Million Investment in Blockchain Gaming

                                                            Blockchain-basiertes Gaming ist der neueste heiße Trend im Bereich der Cryptowährungen.  2021 hat die Voraussetzungen für mehr Kapitalzufluss und die Expansion des Sektors geschaffen, da weiterhin große Akteure einsteigen. Der französische Spielegigant Voodoo, der vor allem für seine Hyper-Casual-Spiele bekannt ist, plant, im Jahr 2022 200 Millionen US-Dollar in neue Studios zu investieren, die Blockchain-basierte entwickeln Spiele.

Voodoo powers the blockchain-based gaming sector

The company announced that its investments in the sector will be used to fund early-stage gaming studios and to open 20 in-house branches over the next year. The platform already has ten internal and external studios that deal exclusively with the development of blockchain games and features.

Alex Yazdi, chairman of the Paris-based company, believes blockchain technology will revolutionize gaming as gamers are already used to buying digital assets.

By giving them real ownership of their digital assets and creating “deeper interactions” between players in the form of collecting, trading and selling digital currencies and in-game assets, blockchain will improve the experience and increase “fun and engagement” raise. While talking about the goal behind the move, the manager added:

“This will also allow players to capitalize on their wealth, which opens up a new ‘play and earn’ model. Our vision is to bring the blockchain paradigm to more casual and mobile users and to help any young or promising studio to be successful in this segment. “

Voodoo’s financial investment is also accompanied by its full-stack platform, which enables other projects to develop, test and launch games, in addition to technical tools, data analysis integration and analysis support.

NFT Games achieved sales of over $ 2.3 billion in the third quarter

The booming video game industry saw a paradigm shift this year with the inclusion of blockchain, crypto, and NFT. The French unicorn’s investment in space shows that blockchain gaming is the industry’s new darling.

According to the latest report by the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) achieved sales of NFT-based games of $ 2.32 billion in the third quarter of this year thanks to tremendous consumer participation.

That means roughly 22% of the collective NFT trading volume across the industry this quarter came from blockchain games. From 29,600 at the beginning of 2021 to 754,000 in the third quarter, the number of gaming-related wallets has grown by a staggering 2.453%.

NFT games by the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity, remained the leader in the first half of the year with trading volumes of $ 2.5 billion in September.


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