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Vuitton accuses Joan Mitchell of paintings in handbag ads

NEW YORK – The Joan Mitchell Foundation has sent a cease and desist letter to Louis Vuitton alleging that the luxury brand is using unauthorized reproductions of the artist’s paintings in handbag advertisements.

In a statement Tuesday, the nonprofit said it had repeatedly turned down requests from Louis Vuitton to use Mitchell’s colorful abstract work in its campaign, which stars actress Lea Seydoux.

“JMF denied this request in writing, consistent with its long-standing policy that images of the artist’s work are used for educational purposes only,” the statement said.

“JMF has never licensed the artist’s works for use in commercial campaigns or to promote any other goods or services. Louis Vuitton then repeated the request, which was denied several times.”

The abstract expressionist Mitchell was part of the post-war New York School group and moved to the small French town of Vetheuil in 1968, where she worked until her death in 1992.

The foundation said Louis Vuitton launched the campaign with at least three of Mitchell’s works – “La Grande Vallée XIV (For A Little While)” (1983); “Quatuor II for Betsy Jolas” (1976); and “Edrita Fried” (1981) – without permission.

“It is a great disappointment to JMF that Louis Vuitton so disregards an artist’s rights and exploits her work for financial gain,” it said.

Reached by AFP, luxury giant LVMH said it would not comment.

The accusation that the world’s leading luxury group is using intellectual property without permission comes as Mitchell is the subject of an exhibition in the contemporary art space of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

The exhibition, which juxtaposes her work with that of Claude Monet, runs until February 27.

The Mitchell Foundation promised that Louis Vuitton would take further legal action if Louis Vuitton did not stop “illegally using Mitchell’s artwork”.

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