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WaykiChain Football Tour Nigeria Station Goes Live May 7th

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Former African Eagles Nigeria suffered a defeat in the African qualifiers of this World Cup and missed out on the World Cup entirely. However, as a traditional African soccer powerhouse, Nigeria actually has a deep soccer culture and people love soccer competitions in general. It is also the first African country to win the Olympic gold medal in soccer.

This is also the first selected venue for the WaykiChain Football Tour after entering the African continent.

As the World Cup draws closer, WaykiChain has also gradually accelerated the pace of preparations for the World Cup. From the United States, Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran, Hungary to Nigeria, not only is the frequency of events increasing, but so is the NFT-Signing of invitations for World Cup stars and the design and development of related applications are also carried out. You can tell they are in control. “WM” rhythm.

After gaining experience from the first five events, the WaykiChain community has more thought and understanding of how to hold relevant events in different regions. From the first participation in the global live broadcast on the Japanese channel, to the attention of the youth group events on the Iranian channel, to the launch of the project progress broadcast, broadcast for the first time on the Hungarian channel, the WaykiChain Football Tour has attracted more and more diverse forms and constantly enriched live -Content. Supporting more and more community fans and fans.

In this event, due to the limitations of the actual conditions, the WaykiChain community also organized specially experienced local craftsmen to hand-craft the clay trophy of this event. But don’t think that the sound material is cheap, actually the control of work and quality is more strict. Due to the great effort of the craftsman, such a trophy is actually more collectible.

On the other hand, this step should also serve to offer relatively poor local craftsmen job opportunities. Finally, the universal value of charity is also one of the important tenets for WaykiChain to go international.

This trophy is still being crafted behind closed doors and will be unveiled during the live broadcast of the event, so stay tuned.

As for the WaykiChain live broadcast, of course, it will never be missing, as well as the live broadcast event with rich prizes. Just in the last live broadcast, the three gold bars were won by the fans of the Korean community. I wonder who will win the awards this time?

The event on this page is currently in intensive preparation and some details still have to be finalized. More surprises are welcome on May 7 at 10:00 UTC in the WaykiChain live room.

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