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We more than doubled our number of users in the fourth quarter

                                                            Die in den USA ansässige Abteilung der Digital Asset Exchange FTX hat ihre Benutzerzahl in den letzten drei Monaten des Jahres 2021 mehr als verdoppelt. Dies kommt mit der zunehmenden globalen Akzeptanz von Crypto, während das Unternehmen zahlreiche beeindruckende Partnerschaften eingegangen ist.
  • FTX US President Brett Harrison took it on Twitter to outline impressive growth in 2021, suggesting that FTX’s US-regulated subsidiary “more than doubled its user base in the fourth quarter.”

FTX US more than doubled its number of users in the fourth quarter!

– Brett Harrison (@Brett_FTXUS) December 26, 2021

  • As the graphic above shows, the US subsidiary now has almost 1,200,000 users, all of whom will come on board this year. It did so after the company reported a 500% increase in volume in the third quarter.
  • Aside from the overall growth of the cryptocurrency space in terms of prices and new users, it is worth highlighting some of FTX’s notable partnerships that were concluded in 2021.
  • It started with a multi-million dollar deal with the Miami Heat to rename their home seat the FTX Arena. The exchange later bought an ad for the Super Bowl, partnered with F1 championship team Mercedes and Major League Baseball (MLB).
  • Separately, some well-known and respected people joined the company as ambassadors or bought shares. These included basketball mega-star Steph Curry, prominent investor Kevin O’Leary and soccer legend Tom Brady.
  • The exchange also joined that NFT– Crazy by introducing a marketplace for their US based customers.
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