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White Hat Hackers Demand Return Of Stolen Cryptocurrencies, Offer 10% Bounty For $190M Attack

Ethereum (ETH) bridge Nomad is offering a reward for returning stolen funds to people involved in a massive hack of its platform.
Earlier this week, Nomad was the victim of a hack that removed around $190 million in crypto assets from its bridge.

In a statement, Nomad says,

“Nomad announces a bounty of up to 10% for Nomad Bridge hackers, with Nomad considering any party that returns at least 90% of total hacked funds as a white hat. Nomad will not take legal action against white hats. The funds must go to the official NomadWalletaddress will be returned: 0x94a84433101a10aeda762968f6995c574d1bf154.

Please beware of scammers and other scams.

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Nomad continues to work with its community, law enforcement and Blockchain-Analysis firms together to ensure all funds are returned.”

According to Nomad, over $35.7 million was returned to the Nomad Recovery wallet from 86 different wallet addresses.

In the coming weeks, Nomad plans to provide more details on the actions the company is taking to recover from the attack.

As for the “Black Hat” hackers, Nomad says it is working flat out to explore any avenues to recover the funds from the exploit.

The project claims to be working with TRM Labs, a company dedicated to digital asset security and regulatory compliance.

“Nomad is actively working with TRM Labs and law enforcement to recover funds from black hat hackers. The Nomad Bridge hack has unleashed an unprecedented number of hackers with traceable information about their addresses. There will be consequences for these actors.”

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