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With an impressive 1,326.24% gain, 1SAFU (SAFU) is today’s top earner

If you’re looking for a crypto token that really takes off, you can’t do better than 1SAFU, which is up 1,326.24% in the last 24 hours. This crypto has been mostly quiet until recently, and it’s hard to say if it could continue to rise or return to previous levels.

What you should know about 1SAFU

The price of this cryptocurrency token today is $0.000007824 (SAFU/USD). This is by far the highest SAFU rate we’ve seen since its inception in late January of this year. The price didn’t even spike that much during the introductory period, despite the huge interest in the crypto at the time.

Since the first few weeks of 1SAFU’s lifespan, the crypto has dipped below its initial levels and has remained low until today. We haven’t seen much movement from this crypto in the past few months and suddenly it’s skyrocketing.

This is suspicious as the trading volume for a 24-hour period is only $563,000. That’s a number being recorded today when the rate is sky high. SAFU trading volume is up 21636.13% today, and the fully diluted market capitalization for this crypto is 74,677,840,817.52, which is also up significantly today.

We think this is suspicious as some whales could be at work artificially inflating the price and highlighting 1SAFU as the top earner on the crypto charts today. Whenever that happens, cryptos that previously had little traction tend to get noticed. It can help raise a token’s profile under the radar – at least for a short time.

Is SAFU a good investment?

There is talk that this crypto is a scam and since there is not much information about it and what is available is suspicious, we would say that you should hold off investing in 1SAFU now. Wait and see if it pays off for those who have invested in it and see if the interest rate stays anywhere close to where it is right now. If it crashes again by tomorrow or the cryptocurrency disappears from the market in the next few weeks, you know you’ve dodged a bullet. It is better to invest in a proven cryptocurrency.

Small cryptos like 1SAFU have the potential to make investors big bucks because they are so volatile, but they also have the chance to cost investors big bucks.

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