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YFI Soars 30% as Yearn Finance Announces Aggressive Buyback Program

                                                            Yearn Finance – das erfahrene dezentralisierte Finanzprotokoll – kündigte an, dass sie ihren nativen Token YFI aggressiv zurückkaufen würden.  Im Gegenzug ist der Preis bereits in die Höhe geschossen.
  • In a tweet yesterday, Yearn Finance announced that they had bought $ 7,526,343 worth of YFI on the open market at an average price of $ 26,651.

Yearn bought YFI on the open market for $ 7,526,343. We received 282.4 YFI (0.77% of total supply) at an average price of $ 26,651. More YFI was bought back last month than last year.

  • They also revealed that Yearn’s Treasury Department “has saved more than $ 45 million and faces much more aggressive buybacks on gains stronger than ever.”
  • In a separate Twitter thread, analyst Adam Cochran described the move and also outlined other initiatives Yearn is working on, including a revised tokenomics “to make a fee distribution to holders currently viewing veCRV model-xSushi models.”
  • All of this appears to have had a significant impact on the price of its native token – YFI.
  • At the time of this writing, YFI is trading at around $ 27,000. Just a few days ago, the token dropped to around $ 19,000.
  • This gives an increase of about 41% in the last three days, of which 30% came in the last 24 hours alone.

Chart according to TradingView.

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