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Zetly Introduces Exciting All-in-One Platform for Esports

                                                            Die Welt wird digital und es gibt keine zwei Möglichkeiten daran vorbei.  Mit dem Vordringen von Konzepten wie dem Metaverse stehen viele Branchen vor kolossalen Veränderungen, und die Sportindustrie ist da keine Ausnahme.

Zetly is a Polish-Estonian tech startup whose main goal is to build the world’s leading all-in-one digital platform for athletes, clubs, federations and fans.

The main goals of the project are to enable clubs and associations to generate new revenue streams by issuing their internal currency – club brands. This would also allow them to create new and timely business strategies based on various means of fan base engagement. One of the most important elements of the platform is education and community building. This allows for the promotion of superfans while increasing the overall digital reach of clubs, sports organizations and athletes.

Speaking on the subject, Michal Glijer, Founder and CEO of Zetly, said:

“We want to enable all participants in the sports market to participate equally in the co-creation of the digital economy, regardless of their size, level of development and resources. Zetly wants to facilitate the exchange and trading of collectibles by using digital technologies and developing new digital products for sports. For all fans, Zetly comes with NFT build a marketplace for digital content that allows them to generate new, additional revenue while securing their copyright and ownership rights through digital certificates.”

investment tip Zetly Introduces Exciting All-in-One Platform for Esports, Crypto Trading News

A multi-module approach

The team behind Zetly understands the complex needs of digital communities and takes a tiered, multi-module approach where the Zetly Wallet is the focus. As a result, everyone will be able to conduct financial transactions on the platform.

The basic module of the platform is the Zetly Sport Module. It is dedicated to sports fans and clubs. On the one hand – for clubs – the module will be the basis for issuing their utility tokens, which will be exchanged for ZET tokens. In addition, Club Tokens can be redeemed for special offers with various rewards, digital collectibles, Club products, as well as voting and influence rights.

In addition, the module will also enable a club token exchange market and the value of these tokens will depend on many factors including the success of the team.

Zetly Introduces Exciting All-in-One Platform for Esports, Crypto Trading News

Go one step further

Besides the first two modules, the Zetly NFT Creator module will also be introduced on the platform. To this Glijer said:

“This solution is primarily aimed at fans and anyone interested in NFT technology. Thanks to this module, platform users can create and sell digital content in the form of NFT. It is a solution for everyone who wants to share their lives and emotions.”

In the future, the Zetly Collectibles module will allow users to buy, own and transfer unique digital assets that will be linked to their corresponding ones non-fungible token (NFT). The sale of digital collections expands the income streams of the participating clubs. In addition, it also offers the opportunity to promote personal brands.

Zetly Crowd, on the other hand, is the crowdfunding module that connects people looking for funding with dedicated fans and supporters.

Apart from that, Zetly will also create a dedicated and autonomous sports center. It will be in the form of a white label – an application that comes with a range of features with a dedicated CMS system that would allow managing communications between all stakeholders.

“Thanks to these solutions, clubs can build an intelligent arena with a ticketing system based on the NFT, tokens as a means of payment in the fan shop and tokens thanks to which fans can vote and participate in important events in club life for free. Such activities allow for an even greater community to be built around the clubs. Zetly also provides leagues and clubs with the tools available in the hub to encourage and amplify the activities of league sponsors and fans.” – said the CEO.

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