Passive income with cryptocurrencies - Foreword to HYIP systems

Since our articles on “High Yield Investment” systems have been so well successfull, we have decided to devote a separate section to passive income with cryptocurrencies. Here we introduce you to established, new and interesting Hyips, with which you can achieve between 0.5% and 12% per day. We ourselves have invested quite a bit of money in all of the systems mentioned and track every payout function on a daily basis. In this way we can ensure that there are no systems on our list that do not pay.

Best investment programs for cryptocurrencies

The cremé de la cremé of the HYIPs. All systems are uniquely well programmed as well as very active and stable. Payouts are made on time, marketing is still very active, the programs are constantly being developed and the duration should be long.

Zion Finance

Small return (0.2-0.5% per day)

In June 2021, Tron was integrated as a crypto currency. So it is still being expanded and we are working on it. The annual trading reports, which show the profit made, are a big plus. Efforts are made to be transparent, at least with regard to deposits and company activities.

Online and paid for over 1100 days (over 3 years)
Investment return between 0.2% and 0.5% daily, depending on the investment plan
Simple handling, uncomplicated system
Mobile app
Fast support
Tracked by 57 monitors daily
A large article from us with all the information is available here.

Investment plans

  • 0.10% daily – duration 1 month (investment is repaid)
  • 0.22% daily – duration 2 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.24% daily – duration 3 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.26% daily – duration 4 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.28% daily – term 5 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.30% daily – duration 6 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.36% daily – duration 7 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.36% daily – duration 8 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.39% daily – term 9 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.42% daily – duration 10 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.46% daily – duration 11 months (investment is repaid)
  • 0.50% daily – duration 12 months (investment is repaid)

Positive factors

  • Online and paid for over 1100 days (over 3 years)
  • Simple handling, uncomplicated system
  • Mobile app
  • Fast support
  • Tracked by 57 monitors daily
  • Annual trading reports
  • Active, regular newsletters with information about the company and its further development
  • Strong Marketing (Definitely Pros)

Accepted currencies

Tether (ERC20)
Tether (TRC20)


Withdrawal Fees
Tether (TRC20) = $ 0.00
Litecoin = 0.0005 LTC
Ethereum = 0.002 ETH
Bitcoin = 0.00005 BTC
Tether (ERC20) = $ 5 USDT

We advise you not to withdraw your interest often as commissions will eat up your winnings; or even better, use Tether TRC20 as there is no charge here.

Live Monitor

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To Zion Finance


The following applies to all Hyips without exception: There is always a risk involved. High returns always come with great risk. There are a lot of scams on the market and so that you don’t invest in the wrong system, we have several monitors that invest in hundreds of investment programs every day and pay out daily to document which systems are active and paying, and we also calculate the seriousness and Security based on many factors. Nevertheless, it can always happen that a Hyip stops paying out and scams. So don’t invest anything that you are not ready to lose and never invest money borrowed.